The Long Road Festival 2024

Stanford Hall
LE17 6DH
United Kingdom
23rd - 25th Aug 2024
Tickets for adults (with camping) from £220.00

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The Long Road Festival 2024 Overview

The Long Road FestivalThe Long Road Festival, a musical extravaganza that's become a beacon for lovers of all things Americana, is an annual pilgrimage for those seeking an authentic blend of country, folk, and roots music. Nestled in the heart of the countryside, this festival is more than just a weekend escape; it's a celebration of the rich tapestry of American musical heritage.

Imagine a sprawling landscape dotted with stages that echo with the twang of guitars, the melancholy of fiddles, and the soul-stirring lyrics that define Americana. The Long Road Festival isn't just a line-up; it's a carefully curated journey through the diverse landscapes of this musical genre. From gritty blues to heart-wrenching ballads, the festival weaves a sonic narrative that transcends genres, inviting attendees to explore the breadth of American musical expression.

As the sun sets over the festival grounds, the atmosphere transforms into a kaleidoscope of flickering lights, denim-clad festival-goers, and a palpable sense of camaraderie. The Long Road Festival isn't just about the headliners; it's about discovering the next big thing in the world of Americana. Emerging artists share the stage with seasoned performers, creating an eclectic mix that mirrors the genre's evolution.

Beyond the stages, The Long Road Festival embraces the spirit of Americana with an array of activities. Attendees can immerse themselves in line dancing, indulge in mouth-watering Southern cuisine, or browse through vintage market stalls that evoke the charm of small-town America.

The Long Road Festival isn't merely an event; it's a sonic adventure, an exploration of musical landscapes that transcend borders. As the festival continues to carve its niche in the UK's festival calendar, it solidifies its reputation as a haven for those who seek authenticity and a genuine connection to the roots of American music. The Long Road Festival is more than a destination; it's a pilgrimage for the soulful seeker in search of the heart and soul of Americana.

Ticket Information

Adults (16+): £220.00
Junior (6 - 15): £63.25
Child (0 - 5): Free
Parking: £27.50

All prices include booking fees available from the festival website

The Long Road Festival 2024 Line Up

The Long Road Festival 2024 line up poster