The Just So Festival, a firm favourite in diaries is back, with whispers of fairies in woodlands, circus tents filled with magical mayhem and a suggestion of a new land dedicated to only the most intrepid adventurers “The Grand Central”.


A regular sell out and regarded as one of the top five family festivals in the UK, the 5,000 capacity event is welcoming only the most inquisitive and adventure driven explorers on its next voyage. We are told to expect to tour the most curious of lands to encounter creatures and characters beyond our wildest dreams.

Whilst Wild Rumpus’ earlier Spring event, is covered in mystery. Over a century since the mysterious Lost Carnival was last heard of it is set to reappear for a few short nights.. An ambitious, large-scale, outdoor experience from Wild Rumpus, and So It Is, a new producing company established by Bury Met director David Agnew, The Lost Carnival is an immersive theatre experience that invites families to step into a world unlike any other.

As co-director Sarah Bird explains “All of our events ask you to throw away your inhibitions and immerse yourselves in a world of filled with curious happenings and intriguing sights.”

Co-director Rowan Hoban expands, “Audience members will be journeying through the most magical, awe-inspiring landscapes filled with tricks and turns - secrets hidden in the most unlikely places”

With standout reviews of previous events such as The Spellbound Forest, produced in conjunction with The Forestry Commission, Wild Rumpus proves year on year that their events are an incredible journey for the whole family.

Just So Festival tickets are available for adults £110, Children £50, Under 3’s free (all inc camping).

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