The Shiiine weekender returns to the splendid Butlins Minehead resort 15th-18th November 2019 and promises to be absolutely ace. Previous Shiiine bashes have sent our FFA Reviewers into raptures - just take a read of what our guys thought of last year’s shenanigans in the FFA Shiiine On Weekender 2018 Review - and this year’s line-up looks the best yet.

The spiffing musical line-up is only one facet of what makes Shiiine so special of course. The location helps make the event; make no mistake, the whole concept of Butlins Music Weekends is pretty much faultless. If you’ve never been to a Butlins Resort before, park any doubts, they are genuinely 21st century holiday destinations providing excellent facilities, accommodation and dining options to suit most tastes and pockets, great bars, large auditoria, … and yes, pool parties in their excellent Splash Waterworld if you must. Weekends like Shiiine generate a real festival atmosphere, with all the buzz and sense of community to boot. It’s the summer festival scene without mud, in winter, with your own warm bed and facilities! A winter music festival fix without the hassle.

The Shiiine weekend is the real deal; promotors North Country Boys and their Butlins hosts will deliver a genuine Indie and Dance festival rush. Trust us. You’ll be getting on down with thousands of other party people, for three late nights of rollicking good times, with a great crowd raving to some of the era’s best. Shiiine successfully captures the mood of a whole generation – and its lovely. No wonder our FFA Reviewers are once again gagging at the bit. As FFA stated last year:

“Shiiine is defined by its audience of course – they ARE Shiiine. A fabulous crowd up for a good time, passionate about their music, and with a real sense of community reminiscent of the early underground scene. For many in this bright-eyed bushy-tailed crew Shiiine holds up a mirror to their youth, their defining time, and firmly states ‘Sorted’.”

…and, blimey, what a line up to hang it all around. There are around seventy artists, plus loads of other stuff like movies, exhibitions, and cracking Club Nights to keep you flying. The multiple arena and side stages host the likes of Idlewild, Embrace, Jesus Jones, Jim Bob, The Lightning Seeds, The Wonder Stuff, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Cast, Pop Will Eat Itself, Turin Brakes, The Farm, Jah Wobble, Apollo 440, Adamski, Transglobal Underground and Babybird. Remember too, that if all this gives you the vapours and you get a bit too giddy, then the wonderful Victorian seaside town of Minehead is literally a couple of minutes walk away along the Prom. Indie, Dance, a genuine festival buzz, and Cream Tea, what’s not to like?

Article by Barrie Dimond