Festivals For All have followed those lovely folks at Lakefest since their very early days, and have watched with admiration how, over a few short years, they have developed Lakefest into one of the UK’s benchmark festivals. Let’s be blunt, in its sector, Lakefest is one of THE festivals of the year. Period. Check out the FFA Lakefest 2019 Review for a quick overview of the exhilarating weekend these guys brought to the fields on their last outing. Like the rest of the industry, Lakefest 2020 never flew; so just imagine the release of all those pent-up Good Times when Lakefest 2021 finally explodes on the scene in August!

Tell you what, they are going for it big time! First up, they have booked an artist who has now attained absolute solid gold icon status, and whose latest album stormed to number one in the 2021 official album chart (The oldest artist ever to do so with an album of original material). If you’ve not yet realised that the man is now cooler than a cool thing from planet cool, and walks amongst the pantheon of music legends, then it is you my friend who are way behind the curve and so so yesterday. Ladies and Gentlemen – Lakefest only go and bring you Sir Tom Jones! FFA are getting giddy just thinking about being in the presence of the man. Top Stuff.

The rest of the 2021 line-up is excellent too with the likes of Seasick Steve, Razorlight, New Model Army, Stereo MC’s, and a great EDM scene featuring a special Retrospective of House with some Old Skool legends, plus new additions to the bill like Scouting For Girls. That’s not the half of it of course; Lakefest is a bit of a multi-media and cultural extravaganza with first class facilities, wonderful crowd, and magical vibe for all ages. (check the links for more details).

Now clock this latest addition: Lakefest 2021 welcomes the legendary Red Devils!

'Red on.

Green on.


As the world's pre-eminent free-fall display team, The Red Devils, parachute into the festival, in what will be one of less than a handful of civilian displays within the UK for 2021.

Festival director Lee Martin shares that:

'It was so important to me to add something a little bit special to this year’s celebrations, realising just how long everyone has been waiting to come together in the shared experience of live music under the summer sky, and then the stars: and as one of my team is a former paratrooper, we put this plan together, and it's incredibly rewarding to see it realised.

No other freefall team in the world come in quite as fast or hard, and this is in part due to the fact that every one of the Devils is a serving soldier with Britain's elite Parachute Regiment: every one of them has seen active service, and every one of them will return to active service.

They are the bravest of the brave and their display skill evidences that.

'We were so excited with this year’s line up, I mean Tom Jones!!? But this is the adrenaline cherry on our festival cake, we can't wait to put the show on, hope to see you all in our field beneath the ancient walls of Eastnor Castle'. Naturally, we will be exercising every sensible precaution to create space, and ensure that we proceed with care and common sense.

Safe and sound, the watchwords.

We have sold record numbers of tickets this year and are fast approaching our capacity limit. Get your tickets today and join us in August which is set to be the family weekend of the year!

FFA will be there; we suggest you join us – this will be rather good.

Article by Barrie Dimond