Wigan Diggers Festival 2021

The Wiend
United Kingdom
11th Sep 2021
This is a FREE event

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Wigan Diggers Festival 2021 Overview

The Wigan Diggers’ Festival returns to the streets of Wigan in Lancashire to celebrate the life and socialist ethos of local lad Gerrard Winstanley; one of the founders of The True Levellers Movement of the 1600’s and advocate of a political ideal that still resonates today. The Wigan Diggers’ Festival is a FREE Annual Open Air Festival celebrating the life and ideas of Wigan born and bred Gerrard Winstanley (1609-1676) and the 17th Century Diggers (True Leveller) movement. Expect Music, Poetry, Workshops and much much more, plus a host of family entertainment in this splendid Northern Town.

Wigan born Gerrard Winstanley, the founder of The Diggers, whose revolutionary statement that ‘The Earth is a common treasury for all’ became a challenge to the established 17th Century order of the State and the Church and was eventually suppressed.  His ideas have influenced many significant thinkers and gives weight to the claim that Wigan can proudly claim to be one of the birthplaces of Socialism and the fight for a more fair and equal society.

Happening annually in September, Wigan Diggers Festival is a free entry, one day festival, held in Gerrard Winstanley Gardens and Believe Square, in the centre of the town.

Music will take place on 2 stages throughout the day.

“The earth was made to be a common treasury for all.”


Wigan Diggers Festival 2021 Line Up