Rewind Festival South 2024

Temple Island Meadows
nr Henley On Thames
United Kingdom
16th - 18th Aug 2024

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Rewind Festival South 2024 Overview

Trade your punting poles for leg warmers, because Rewind South is transforming the idyllic banks of the River Thames into a neon-drenched playground! Henley-on-Thames, with its elegant charm and riverside serenity, becomes a vibrant portal to the 1980s, where synth beats mingle with the gentle lapping of water, and forgotten gems shimmer like sunlight on cobblestones. This festival is more than just music; it's a time-traveling escape, a chance to unleash your inner pop rebel and relive a bygone era where big hair, big shoulders, and even bigger anthems ruled the day.

Beyond the main stage, the festival unfolds like a nostalgic picnic on the lawn. Arcade machines beep and flash, reminding you of pixelated battles and joystick triumphs. Costume contests unleash your inner 80s icon, with neon headbands, acid wash jeans, and outrageous shoulder pads vying for the ultimate retro crown. DJs spin forgotten treasures and guilty pleasures, sending you on a journey through neon-lit nights and boombox-powered beach parties. Whether you're a seasoned pop veteran or a curious newcomer, Rewind South offers a welcoming space to embrace your inner 80s renegade.  

Ticket Information

Tickets go on sale at end of January

Rewind Festival South 2024 Line Up

Rewind Festival South 2024 Line Up Poster