Rewind Festival North 2024

Capesthorne Hall
SK11 9JY
United Kingdom
2nd - 4th Aug 2024

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Rewind Festival North 2024 Overview

Rewind NorthPrepare to crank up the synthpop and bust out your leg warmers, because Rewind North is ready to unleash its vibrant 80s nostalgia upon the UK! Picture Cheshire's historic Delamere Forest transformed into a neon-infused playground where iconic pop anthems echo amongst majestic trees and forgotten gems shimmer like unearthed vinyl treasures. This festival is more than just music; it's a time-traveling capsule, a pulsating reminder of the era that gave us shoulder pads, hairspray, and enough hooks to fill a stadium.

Beyond the main stage, the festival weaves an immersive tapestry of 80s delights. Arcade machines beep and flash, reminding you of pixelated battles and joystick triumphs. Costume contests unleash your inner fashion rebel, from neon mullets to crimped hair and leather jackets. DJs spin forgotten treasures and guilty pleasures, sending you on a journey through forgotten dancefloors and neon-lit nights. Whether you're a seasoned New Romantic or a curious newcomer, Rewind North offers a welcoming space to embrace your inner 80s icon.

But the magic of Rewind North transcends nostalgia. It's about the infectious community spirit that binds 

Ticket Information

Tickets go on sale end of January

Rewind Festival North 2024 Line Up

Rewind Festival North 2024 line up poster