Boomtown 2023

The Matterley Bowl
Matterley Estate
SO24 0HY
United Kingdom
9th - 13th Aug 2023
Tickets for adults (with camping) from £295.00

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Boomtown 2023 Overview


The next incarnation of Boomtown will; Chapter Two: The Twin Trail, will build on the experience of 2022's edition Chapter One: The Gathering.

Boomtown, the festival fuses a diverse line-up of underground and global music with boundary pushing immersive art, theatre and performance coming together as a living, breathing, fictitious city.

Boomtown at its heart is a living theatre with a long history and an ongoing narrative, but in 2022 they started with a clean slate and a world of new wonders to discover in Chapter One: The Gathering.

The premise is simple, Boomtown is a Gathering… Gatherings are a deep part of human connection and celebration and have been so for millennia, but in these current real-world times, they were also one of the first things to be outlawed. 

Actors and characters will flood the streets more than ever before, huge parades will weave their way through the districts with buskers and pop up sound systems on every street corner, a mass of colourful creative energy that vibrates through every strand of the city. 

Ticket Information

Green Transport Citizen Ticket (Standard adult 18+)

Must be purchased with a coach or shuttle bus ticket

Phase 1: £260.00 plus coach ticket, and eco bond deposit sold out
Phase 2: £270.00 plus  ticket, and eco bond deposit sold out
Phase 3: £280.00 plus coach ticket, and eco bond deposit
Phase 4: £290.00 plus coach ticket, and eco bond deposit

Citizenship Ticket: Valid from Thursday-Sunday (Standard adult 18+)

Phase 1: £275.00 plus eco bond deposit sold out
Phase 2: £285.00 plus eco bond deposit sold out
Phase 3: £295.00 plus eco bond deposit
Phase 4: £305.00 plus eco bond deposit

Teens: 5 Day Festival Entry Ticket (13-17 years old) £230.00
Children 0-12 years - £5.00

All prices include booking fees, payment plans available


Boomtown 2023 Line Up

BoomTown has a policy of releasing the line up when the festival commences.