Welsh singer-songwriter Volenté releases her new single ‘Hollow’on April 30th.

With an album to follow later in 2012 written, produced, arranged and performed by Volenté herself.

It represents a slight change in direction for the singer-songwriter:whose haunting vocals are said to: “emulate Kate Bush at her most dramatic” and she has been compared by critics to the likes of Bjork and cult indie favourites The Sundays.

 “Even though I sing and play guitar, I am hugely influenced by modern dance music such as dubstep”, said Volenté.“I have incorporated some of those elements into this latest single, whilst keeping to my own unique style.

Her voice hitting the high notes effortlessly and the use of of bass and electronics overlapping to make a multi layed background. It sounds like three songs being mergered into one melodic harmony.The elements pulling together to create her own unique sound.

Volenté Single launches:

 Thurs May 10 – Kama Lounge, Newport

Wed May 16 – Ten Feet Tall, Cardiff

Sat Aug 25 - Uplands Music Festival, Swansea