Volenté returns with a bumper three track single ‘Broken Promises’The collection is set for release March 25th 2013  

Festivals for All – “With a quirky sideways look, Volenté offers up a nightmarish feast for the imagination. Electronics and the ethereal vocals combine to create a sound world that is at once contemporary and off-beat.”

Buzz Magazine – “Volenté is a lady of musical layers. On the title track of this EP, a liquid drum’n’bass line underpins soaring orchestral loops and a distinctive, floaty vocal that sets her apart from other outfits in the genre.”

South Wales siren Volenté is set to release a trio of tracks called 'Broken Promises', seeing her further develop her electronic credentials. She has already received a host of critical acclaim and champions boundary blurring creativity and imaginative creativity.

When she isn’t spending her time being a full-time mum, Volenté is an extremely talented artist, with many years of experience within the music industry. These tracks are a fusion of drum'n'bass, jungle, electronica, classical music and R&B, with the heavy element of dubstep thrown in for good measure.

'Broken Promises' is a brutally honest bittersweet anthem with soaring operatic vocals, a fusion of classical music, electronic guitar, drum'n'bass beats and some dubstep thrown in the mix. Second track, 'So Many Times' is an electro-ballad which showcases Volenté’s stunning vocal range with a hint of Massive Attack-like elements. With her effortless amazing vocal range, 'So Many Times' really showcases Volenté’s ability to create totally unique songs, while remaining true to her own style. A minimal but very powerful track!

'End of Time's' beats and vocals hit the listener like an arrow to a target! With industrial-like hooks, a heavy sub-bass, a bit of jungle and Volenté’s mesmerising, beautiful, haunting vocals will take you to another level. 'End of Time's' is definitely one set for the dance floor! Compared by critics to the likes of Bjork, cult indie favourites The Sundays and Kate Bush, 'Broken Promises', once again all produced, written, arranged and performed by Volenté herself, represents Volenté at her best!

Volenté will be playing a host of shows to promote 'Broken Promises' including:

Fri 22nd March – Warehouse 54, Newport

Fri 12th April – Dublin Castle, London

Fri 26th April – Buffalo Bar, Cardiff

Gigs and Festivals - "If you like Kate Bush, classical music, dubstep and beautifully written lyrics then Volente's new single "Broken Promises" is the must-have download of 2013. Boasting an exciting new sub-genre of electronic music, which intertwines drum 'n' bass beats with operatic vocals, this captivating singer-songwriter offers a chilling sound that will etch its way into your mind and seep into your subconscious long after you've finished listening..."

Rogue Magazine - "A unique voice, both haunting and beguiling. One of the most interesting tracks I've heard for a while..."
Listen: 'Broken Promises here...