This DVD contains Merry Hell's sell-out performance at The Grand, Clitheroe (28th February, 2015). It shows the passion, energy and sheer joy of the band and its audience at their very best.

Here's the Merry Hell track 'Summer Is A-Comin'’ recorded live at The Grand, and part of the live DVD. The track is also available on Merry Hells latest album 'The Ghost in Our House and Other Stories'.

So why a live DVD?

“Since the start of the Merry Hell adventure we’ve never failed to be delighted by the positive responses we’ve had to pretty much everything we have done. All the three albums we’ve released to date have received excellent reviews, for which we’ve been immensely grateful – not least because they contain our own songs played and sung in our own way.

Nevertheless, for the band, the most pleasing and inspiring part of the Merry Hell experience is sharing our music with a live audience. There is no greater reward than to see a joyful, dancing crowd and to hear our words sung back at us. That’s what unites the performers and the People. That’s what this video is about.”

If you’ve never had the pleasure of witnessing this band live – Here’s what our FFA Reviewer thought of Merry Hell at Acoustic Festival of Britain 2015

This was an immense performance from an outfit that continue to blossom and express a more profound musical and lyrical maturity with each viewing. Musically outstanding with some strong fiddle driving things nicely along, this dynamic folk-rock outfit can still deliver the musical flippancy of tracks like the excellent ‘The Bakers Daughter’ and ‘Bury Me Naked’, but there is a growing depth and intensity to the band these days. Powerful and poignant songs like ‘The Old Soldier’ and new album title track ‘There’s A Ghost In Our House’ rightly received some of the best crowd reaction of the whole weekend. Another great set at AFoB.”

You can pre-order yourself a copy of the DVD HERE.

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