So here is our crowd funding bid to make their new album, they REALLY want to make this , so if you'd like to hear it please help, you can pledge various amounts with different rewards, help them make it reality and please re-post and share this where appropriate, thanks xxx

They are experienced musicians having played together for over 20 years in bands and now find ourselves inspired by their roots in English folk and have an album of traditional and original music they want to record.

This album is a culmination of 20 years worth of folk club singalongs, fireside sessions and local research.They have been very inspired by the works of the poet John Clare, especially in having access to his personal handwritted collections held in Northampton library.Inspiration has also come from music of the early English settlers in the Appalchians from the collections of Cecil Sharpe and Maud Karpeles. They have also learnt a lot from the musicians who gather in The Old England pub in Northampton for a folk session every week and some of these will appear as guests on the album.

They were....Inspired by one of John Clares last poems

Clare Slip Jigs..New Drops of Brandy/Trip to Holland/Grinders

Great North Road ... telling the storyof John Clares long walk home

Enclosure  ...Contemporary folk song echoing John Clares thoughts on the decline of the countryside.

Trad Tunes   ....Kettledrum/Hod the Lass

Blah Blah ....cheeky personal song

Gong Tape ..JazzFolk as misremembered from a long ago lost tape.

All The Chains ..contempoary folk we like to think of as John Martyn and Joni Mitchell go on holiday to California!

Maid Freed from the Gallows ...From the Appalachian collection

True Lovers Farewell/Sound of Sleat.... another from the Appalachian collection with one of our favourite Scottish trad tunes.

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