Let’s be blunt, our FFA Reviewers are absolutely gagging for this one; Why? Put simply, Lakefest is one of the best festivals for its size in the UK. The sub 20k capacity festival market is pretty crowded, but for Bangs For Your Buck, Lakefest absolutely excels.

With headliners of the calibre of Johnny Marr, Clean Bandit, Embrace, Ferocious Dog, and McFly, not to mention The Zutons, Faithless DJ, Inspiral Carpets, and The Hoosiers, the eclectic billing is truly sorted. When they also throw in The Beat, The Cuban Brothers, and a plethora of other fine talent across five nights of mayhem, plus the likes of Judge Jules and Jeremy Healy headlining Lakefest's popular Retrospective of House malarkey, you’ll understand why musically Lakefest continues to cover all the bases.

The music is not the half of it of course. Lakefest offers multiple stages with everything from Burlesque to BMX, and Secret Raves to Wrestling; the entertainment is truly boundless at this festival. The peccadillos of all ages are nailed with an extensive kids area, plus Games Zone and funfair for the teens - the list goes on, and on (check out all the non-Music stuff Here). Throw in some splendid food and drink at a festival with such musical diversity, and everyone’s tastes are amply covered. This is truly a 21st Century festival with excellent camping, facilities and amenities. As our Reviewers state, Lakefest is up there with the very best.

Just as a small example of the type of madness that goes down at Lakefest - we don't think our Reviewers have fully recovered from the Lakefest Wrestling Tournament:

"Only Lakefest could feed me the line that I missed much of Stereo MC’s brilliant set cos I was otherwise occupied baying at professional wrestlers. It was superb fun, and so, so, funny. Don’t get me wrong – these guys are top notch exponents of their craft and put on a great show, but Mrs FFA lost her voice screaming. We had to retire back to the tent to regain our composure. Thank you SWW for providing a unique and highly entertaining festival highlight that will live with this seasoned Reviewer for many a year. Got to get this crew back."

But get this… none of the above really matters! The one element that sets Lakefest apart is its PEOPLE. This crowd is to die for! A great festival is a human thing – otherwise its just bands in a field. With toilets and bar. You can almost taste the Lakefest Buzz as you approach the site. The atmosphere is absolutely electric. There is a sense of shared community at Lakefest, a oneness of the crowd, a collective spirit that powers the whole weekend… many festivals have lost that. Many more, large and small, never attained it. Lakefest is much more than one hell of a party - at Lakefest you become part of a family – and it’s wonderful.

In a decade of magical Lakefest festivals, nothing perhaps captures the essence of these epic events as THIS from 2021.

So be there. FFA are.

Some ticket availably Here.  

Article by Barrie Dimond