Back in 2012 this Reviewer wrote of Bearded Theory:

“No wonder the splendid Bearded Theory sets the benchmark that other events strive to follow. By any criteria there was nothing to fault here; from the organisation, to the facilities, to the goodtime atmosphere, to the marvellous music, to the downright great value, for its size Bearded Theory is simply one of the best festivals around.”

Over the subsequent years, Bearded has simply blossomed, and has become, for this Reviewer at least, one of THE festivals by which all others are judged. Indeed, in FFA wrote of the 2019 bash:

“Reading through previous FFA Bearded reviewers, one word leaps from every article – ‘Benchmark’. Bearded is FFA’s benchmark event for festivals of this size and remains so. For value the festival absolutely excels. The countless stages, the organisation, the quality and quantity of performers, and most importantly, the VIBE helps set Bearded apart. The wildly diverse music and entertainment policy is a joy and attracts one of the most friendly and disparate festival crowds around. Bearded is its people and the place buzzes.”

Know what? In an age where everything is devalued, and much is tat, Bearded continues to beak the mould and, remarkably, simply continues to get better year on year. For the price, the festival just screams Value.

Just look at 2023’s line-up. With the likes of Interpol, Primal Scream, Pretenders, Gogol Bordello, Gary Numan, and countless more top-notch talent right across the six stages. That’s not the half of it of course; Bearded is renowned for the wealth of its club scenes and non-music offerings, and its late-night revelling is frankly infamous! Now don’t get me wrong, Bearded ticks all the boxes for punters of all dispositions, and their kids entertainment is first class. Old cliché, but you’ll find what you want at Bearded. 

But park all that. A great festival is built on its people. They create the vibe. At Bearded the air simply crackles. If you just think festivals are all about bands in a field – then you’ve been going to the wrong festivals. Get down to Bearded to experience how it’s really done!

Limited tickets are still currently available HERE.

See Ya There.

Article by Barrie Dimond

Image by Graham Whitmore