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Beatherder Festival 2018 Review...

'Beatherder is bold, intense, organised chaos, bringing all kinds of people together for the love of a good party'

It’s hard to pinpoint what makes Beatherder so special; the spectacular creative decor, that independent festival vibe, the beautiful variety of people with hedonistic outlooks, the impressive and varied line ups or something about that fresh Northern English air, whatever it is it’s sure to bring people flocking towards its bright and dizzying light for as long as its beautiful heart is beating.

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Beardy Folk Festival 2018 Review...

‘… Festival heaven in the palm of your hand’

A wonderful festival. As somewhat seasoned festival reviewers, FFA are delighted to say that there was absolutely nothing to fault here. Indeed Beardy Festival 2018 was a monumental triumph. The fact that all this was achieved in the first year of operation is nothing short of stunning.

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