WOMAD Festival 2020

Charlton Park
SN16 9DG
United Kingdom
23rd - 26th Jul 2020

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WOMAD Festival 2020 Overview

WOMAD - World of Music, Arts and Dance - the internationally established Festival, which brings together artists from all over the globe. The central aim of the WOMAD festival is to celebrate the world's many forms of music, arts and dance.

As an organisation, WOMAD now works in many different ways, but the aims are always the same - at festivals, performance events, through recorded releases and through educational projects, the aim is to excite, to inform, and to create awareness of the worth and potential of a multicultural society.

At WOMAD you can enjoy dancing and instrument workshops with incredible musicians, poetry, talks and debates, colour and life. Dance under the stars with musical revelry into the early hours and then relax under the trees in the arboretum the next day and rest in the World of Wellbeing.

It’s not only the sights and sounds, the food is also a treat at WOMAD – culinary joys from all around the world await you – a definite cut above standard festival fare.

You can even experience live cooking shows from some of the artists performing, whipping up delights from their part of the world, along with stories and music that go along with it, and you even get to taste it afterwards!

WOMAD Festival 2020 Line Up

The WOMAD 2020 line up has not been realeased, the poster below provides details of the 2019 line up

WOMAD 2019 Line Up Poster