Wide Awake 2024

Brockwell Park
SE24 0NG
United Kingdom
25th May 2024
Tickets for adults (without camping) from £59.95

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Wide Awake 2024 Overview

Wide AwakeWide Awake is a kaleidoscopic collision of sound and style, emerges as a pulsating beacon on the musical landscape, disrupting the norm with an audacious celebration of the alternative. This avant-garde extravaganza has firmly planted its flag in the soil of London's cultural scene, boasting an eclectic line-up that reads like a love letter to the leftfield.

With a sonic palette that spans post-punk, electronic experimentation, and boundary-defying indie, Wide Awake Festival unapologetically shatters the conventional festival mould. Each carefully curated act is a sonic disruptor, pushing the boundaries of genre and challenging the status quo. From the raw, guitar-driven anthems to the pulsating beats of the electronic underground, the festival crafts an auditory journey that keeps festival-goers on the edge of their musical seats.

Beyond the music, Wide Awake Festival weaves a tapestry of artistic expression, embracing the avant-garde in all its forms. From immersive installations to thought-provoking performances, every corner of the festival grounds radiates with a rebellious spirit. It's a sensory playground where individuality reigns supreme, inviting attendees to explore the uncharted realms of creativity.

Wide Awake Festival stands as a testament to the enduring power of counterculture, a sanctuary for those seeking refuge from the mainstream. With its finger firmly on the pulse of the alternative scene, this unapologetically bold gathering not only showcases the best in boundary-pushing music but also serves as a vibrant testament to the perpetual evolution of the cultural zeitgeist. In the heart of London, Wide Awake Festival emerges as a nocturnal carnival for the musically awakened, a sonic adventure that transcends the ordinary and propels its attendees into the uncharted realms of auditory rebellion.

Ticket Information

General Admission: £59.95 
VIP: £76.45

N.B. Wide Awake is an over 17's event

Prices include booking fees, payment plans available

Tickets available from the festival website

Wide Awake 2024 Line Up

Wide Awake 2024 line up poster