Lost Village 2020

Norton Disney
United Kingdom
27th - 30th Aug 2020

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Lost Village 2020 Overview

The award winning Lost Village is a unique music festival taking place in an abandoned woodland village, deep in the Lincolnshire countryside.  The Festival delivers a spectacular line-up of cutting edge artists, bands, comedians, speakers and chefs.  

Lost Village also has a strong focus on exceptional eating; from hand-picked global street food to ceremonious Tribal Banquets, catered by world-class chefs such as Michael O’Hare and Lee Westcott. Further to this, the festival hosts an incredible selection of comedy at the Lost Theatre, crafting and workshops in a corner of the forest known as Forger’s Lane, insightful talks at the Institute of Curious Minds and relaxation, hot tubs and holistic therapies at the Lake of Tranquility.

Lost Village 2020 Line Up

Lost Village 2020 line up poster