Knockengorroch World Ceilidh 2017

Knockengorroch World Ceilidh 2017
Castle Douglas
Dumfries & Galloway
United Kingdom
Dates: 25th - 28th May 2017

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Knockengorroch World Ceilidh 2017 Overview

Knockengorroch World Ceilidh is a celebration of music from throughout the world.  The first Knockengorroch World Ceilidh took place in 1998 so 2017 will see the festival celebrate its 20th edition.  The festival remains true to its roots, actively promoting sustainability, love, and multi-culturism.

The festival constantly attracts a wide range of artists from around the planet to deliver a feast of music and entertainment to this natural amphitheatre to celebrate. 

Knockengorroch is a family friendly festival set in its own beautiful glen in the stunning upland landscape of the Galloway Hills. The festival has one of the friendliest crowds, with a huge range of excellent musical acts/genres and an unrivalled atmosphere!

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Artists booked to appear include: 

Max Romeo, Molotov Jukebox, Mouse Outfit feat. Dr Syntax & Sparkz Music, Mungos Hi Fi Sound System, La Dame Blanche, Zion Train, Ed Solo, Filastine and Nova, Chopstick Dubplate, Jamie and Shoony, The Twistettes, Callum Easter, Decades of Dub, Tantz, Tonto Malembe, Roodboy Cenote, Unity Sessions, Skatty Dreadz, Easy Skankin Crew, Ill Papa Giraffe, Dj Nem, Beastie Drummers, Indigenous People, C Mantle, Phonograph, Veecat b2b Siren, Steadfast Sylvatica, The Mighty Sparrahawk, Deekline, Jinx in dub, RURA, The Scott Wood Band, The Baghdaddies, Esperanza, NECK LondonIrish PsychoCeilídh, Samedia Shebeen Soundsystem, Age of Glass, Yoko Pwno, Maxiroots, Bristol Branch, The Smokin Coconuts, Daniel Allison and Lally, Jinx in Dub, MC Brother Culture, Awry, PyroCeltica, The Mojotronic Funk Machine, Dalmellington Silver Band, BBL Takeover, Nema Kuta, Alias23 b2b Luka, Burdy, Bit Monkey, Andy Paterson, Strawberry Jam Soundsystem, Pronto Mama, Sheelanagig, Dem Man Productions, The Inexplicables, Mambo Jambo, Indigo Velvet, Rampant Sound, Paddy Steer, jeff23 / dj tal (SP23/Spiral Tribe), Space Cassette DJs, Jackal Trades, Kit Hawes and Aaron Catlow, Crucial Roots, The Razorbills, Sink and Dave House, Skayaman, Cosmic Club Night, Morphamish, SambaYaBamba, Breezak, Queen of Pressure, Stereo Kriminal, Capitol 1212, Sir Skanksalot b2b Pedro Pocus, Toxicologist, Foxtrot, Wonksie, and Wise-L Leathermonk

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