Body & Soul Festival 2012

Body & Soul Festival 2012
Ballinlough Castle
Co. Westmeath
United Kingdom
Dates: 21st - 23rd Jun 2012

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Body & Soul Festival 2012 Overview

Body & Soul began as a small gathering of people interested in art, music, performance, holistic arts, community and creative expression. It has since grown steadily in to a heartfelt platform bringing together artists and musicians alike - offering a louder voice for emerging performers and creatives to showcase their work, in a more intimate and imaginative capacity. Through programming, support of the arts, workshops, music policy and respect for the Planet, Body & Soul hopes to inspire a new approach to a weekend festival: where atmosphere takes precedence - and where an ancient celebration is reawakened in a contemporary light - bringing some edgy magic into the mundane.  

Body & Soul was voted Best New Festival and Socially Responsible Award at the Irish Festival Awards 2011.

Ticket prices (from): Adult Weekend  Euro 99

Body & Soul Festival 2012 Event Info

You are invited to enjoy some more distinctive Body&Soul hospitality on the hidden grounds of Ballinlough Castle, on the weekend of the Summer Solstice next June 23rd & 24th 2012. Expect a treasure map of surprises filled with creative whims, undiscovered musical gems and decadent fancies.

The festival has sold-out in the last two years and has seen much critical success, with the 2010 festival winning both "Best New Festival" and "Social Responsibility Award" at the Irish Festival Awards last year.

Early Bird tickets have now sold out and general tickets are currently on sale.

Here’s what the organisers say:

“Body&Soul has been a sell-out event since it first burst onto the festival landscape in 2010. Now in its third year and with a couple of awards under its belt, it has truly become a force of its own; It’s effervescent personality and sophisticated sense of mischief is woven into every fibre of this diverse and magical gathering and infuses all who participate - and all do in their way.

Building on all we have learnt, loved and loathed (luckily not too much loathing) in the last few years, 2012 is looking set to take things to another level and we’re very much hoping you’ll be with us for the adventure. The expansive walled gardens and woodlands of Balinlough Castle are again to be transformed and the forces of creation, passion, naughtiness and intrigue will be whisked up with the spirit of a damn good party to once again create groovalicious magic for your body & soul!

Rising to the challenges and the momentum of previous successes has drawn a lot of talent to the Body&Soul team and a spectactular wonderland is in the pipeline for 2012: beautiful, quirky, alluring and off the wall spaces to be enjoyed, explored and reveled in; surrounded by sights and sounds to delight your senses and engage your being ...Body&Soul is the time and the place to leave it all behind for a while, surrender to whimsy and the possibility that your wildest dreams can and sometimes do come true.

Whether you want to stomp it out on a bass-filled dancefloor or steam and bubble gently in the woodland hot-tubs, get wrapped in the magic of a fireside acoustic sessions or lose your stresses with a lakeside massage ... there is something for you at Body&Soul. It is not mono-thematic, it is about diversity and a the celebration of it, both around us and within us. it’s about celebrating all the little individual bits that make up the whole. It is about creating an environment that encourages the participation of everyone, that instills that feeling of freedom to involve yourself in whichever way inspires you.

Strap on your dancing boots, fluff up your feathers, choose your outfit with abandon and a twinkle and hold on to your hats ... 2012 is set to be epic!


Who are Body&Soul?

Body&Soul is a realisation of the vision of a diverse team of creative people, people united by a love of art, music, performance and a good old-fashioned party. It is an innovative and modern take on an age-old practice of celebration.

The summer solstice (on which the festival is held) has for thousands of years seen people lighting fires to celebrate the sun and staying up all night to greet it on the dawn of the longest day... Body&Soul is proud to continue this tradition with it’s own special array of breathtaking, warming and imaginative pyrotechnics as well a multifarious collection of entertainments and entertainers to keep you captivated till way beyond the dawn!

Body&Soul is a vibrant connection point between people, place, time and space... it is dancing under the Stars, Sparkling Conversations in the Hot Tub, Gramophone Grooves,
Acoustic Sessions, Electronic Symphonies, Marshmallows on a Bonfire, Glitter Balls, Pop- Up Performances, Lanterns, Lakeside Massage, Twinkling Pathways, Violins in the Rose
Garden, Disco Yurts til Dawn, Fireworks, Candlelit Opera, Four-Poster Picnics, Costumes, Feathers, Funky Parties in the Woods, Tea Cups at Breakfast. 

The focus of Body&Soul is on a complete experience. There is great music but it is not just a music festival, there is amazing art yet it is not just a showcase for art and creativity, there are inspiring speakers, bards and roaming performers but it is not just a gathering of minds, it is held on beautiful land in an enchanted environment with full respect and thanks given for the natural spaces however that is not it’s defining factor. It is all of these, a festival in the true and traditional sense.. A feast ... and what makes it special is it’s comprehensive fusing of all these elements into every aspect of the festival experience.. it is the whole feast - a celebratory feast for body and soul.

Lead me not into temptation... Follow me - i know a shortcut!”


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