Youngsta a London rap artist from ‘the south of the compass’ is currently making shock waves in the UK music scene. An individual with strong beliefs, Youngsta consistently provides lyrics with which fans can relate to making him one of the most popular UK rappers. His large fan base and 1.5 million YouTube view’s to date (1st June 2010) provide testament for his raw skill and ability. In early 2000 at the age of 16, Yungmeth – also known as Youngsta started out his music career whilst listening to jungle, rap, garage and grime and took inspiration from artists such as Jay Z, and 2pac. For a period of his late teens Youngsta spent time in jail due to street politics and most of his sentence was spent writing. Any misfortune has provided Youngsta an experience to which he bases many songs, such as his track titled ‘Release Dates’ featuring Fix Dot’ M.

Youngsta Previously Appeared At..

Festival Date Tickets
Outlook Festival 2015 2nd - 6th Sep 2015 N/A
Born & Bred 2015 6th June, 2015 N/A
Outlook Festival 2013 28th Aug - 1st Sep 2013 N/A
Outlook Festival 2012 29th Aug - 2nd Sep 2012 N/A
Nozstock Festival 2012 26th - 28th Jul 2012 N/A