It was the joint discovery of the Aba-Shanti-I Sound System and digitally sequenced music which first inspired Steve Vibronics to try his hand at building dub tunes. A minimal studio was put together at home during 1995 using the most basic of equipment - a dilapidated 16 track mixer, reverb and echo units, a couple of synths and a an Atari computer - all mixed down onto cassette tape.

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Vibronics Previously Appeared At..

Festival Date Tickets
United Nations Of Dub Weekender ( UNOD ) 2015 24th - 26th Apr 2015 N/A
United Nations Of Dub Weekender 2014 28th - 30th Mar 2014 N/A
Alchemy Festival 2013 19th - 21st Sep 2013 N/A
Outlook Festival 2013 28th Aug - 1st Sep 2013 N/A
Knockengorroch World Ceilidh 2013 23rd May, 2013 N/A
United Nations Of Dub Weekender 2013 22nd - 25th Mar 2013 N/A