The Waterboys

The Waterboys are a band formed in 1983 by Mike Scott. The band's membership, past and present, has been composed mainly of musicians from the British Isles. London, Dublin, Spiddal, and Findhorn have all served as a home for the group. The band has played in a number of different styles, but most often their music can be described as a mix of Celtic folk music with rock and roll, or folk rock. After ten years of recording and touring, the band dissolved in 1993 and Scott pursued a solo career. The band reformed in 2000, and continues to release albums and tour worldwide. Scott himself emphasizes a continuity between The Waterboys and his solo work, saying that "To me there's no difference between Mike Scott and the Waterboys; they both mean the same thing. They mean myself and whoever are my current travelling musical companions."

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The Waterboys Previously Appeared At..

Festival Date Tickets
Wychwood Music Festival 2016 3rd June, 2016 N/A
The Wickerman Festival 2015 24th - 25th Jul 2015 N/A
Glastonbury Festival 2015 24th - 27th Jun 2015 N/A
Moseley Folk Festival 2014 30th August, 2014 N/A
Green Man Festival 2014 13th August, 2014 N/A
Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2014 6th August, 2014 N/A
Chagstock 2014 18th July, 2014 N/A
Isle Of Wight Festival 2014 13th June, 2014 N/A
Wickham Festival 2013 1st August, 2013 N/A
Open East Festival 2013 26th July, 2013 N/A
Cambridge Folk Festival 2013 27th July, 2013 N/A
Westport Festival of Music & Food 2013 28th June, 2013 N/A
Solfest 2012 23rd - 25th Aug 2012 N/A
Beautiful Days 2012 18th August, 2012 N/A
HebCelt Festival 2012 13th July, 2012 N/A
Cornbury Festival 2012 28th June, 2012 N/A
Ramsbottom Festival 2011 17th September, 2011 N/A
Latitude Festival 2011 16th July, 2011 N/A
London Feis 17th June, 2011 N/A
Night & Day at Kirkstall Abbey 10th June, 2011 N/A
Wychwood Music Festival 2011 3rd June, 2011 N/A
Bearded Theory 2011 13th May, 2011 N/A

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