Folk Rockers Merry Hell release their fourth album ‘Bloodlines’ in November … and here’s what they have to say about it:

“Bloodlines is Merry Hell’s togetherness album. The first to feature the voices of all 8 band members, it is their most overtly political to date – yet, at the same time, it is also their most personal.

Ranging from the polemic to the playful via insight and intuition, Bloodlines revisits Merry Hell’s engagement with the extraordinary lives and loves of those who inhabit the ordinary world. It both exposes the causes of conflict and division and seeks common ground between the band and its audience. Whilst the themes and sounds will be familiar to the band’s ever-growing army of followers, there is more than enough lyrical and musical innovation to draw in new listeners and delight existing fans.

Who, in the folk world, has not been inspired by ‘Who Knows Where the Time Goes’? Merry Hell’s response is ‘this is where the time went’. This album reflects and expresses time well-spent and friendship to be celebrated, with the promise of yet more to come. At turns quiet and thoughtful, as in ‘When We Are Old’, or lush and ecstatic, as in ‘Under The Overkill’, the sentiment remains the same.

The songs express the hope that togetherness can be an antidote to alienation and division, both in politics and personal relationships. Invoking the power of peace and united voices, ‘We Need Each Other Now’ speaks for itself, while ‘Come On, England!’ is an alternative national anthem, appealing to the nation’s traditions of tolerance and resistance to totalitarianism. The call to counter racism and the encouragement of collective responsibility has never sounded so damn catchy! ‘Coming Home Song’ has literally brought tears to the eyes of audiences. This beautifully fragile and haunting acapella rendition belies the fact that it was produced by an 8-piece folk-rock band renowned for its energy and passion.

Alongside the deep themes of many of the songs, Bloodlines is infused with the trademark joy and exuberance associated with Merry Hell’s live performances. From the soft and thunderous exploration of genealogy and personality in the title track to the sharp and comic ironies of closing number ‘Sweet Oblivion’, fun and thoughtfulness are found in equal measure.

The band have welcomed another song writer to into the fold. The Kettles – Virginia, Bob and John – plus keyboard player Lee Goulding have all contributed consistently to the previous albums. Bloodlines sees virtuoso fiddler Neil McCartney wielding his pen as effectively as his bow, adding yet another voice to the Merry Hell writing team.

Bloodlines is an album for individual listening and for sharing, for reflection and for dancing and, above all, for singing along. We hope you’ll take the opportunity to do all of that!

Merry Hell have been blown away by the responses to their first 3 albums – from reviewers, radio broadcasters, event organizers and whoever cares to share in their unique brand of energized folk-rock. We especially delight in the response of audiences wherever and however we play our songs, as the full-fat electric band or the slimmed down 6-piece acoustic band.

Our greatest wish for this album is to involve as many people as possible in the passion and joy that we experience while making our music – so any and all help in allowing that to flourish is much appreciated. Thank you all.”


'We Need Each Other Now'  - a song for our times. This video was put together by songwriter/ musician and broadcaster George Papavgeris after he received a promotional copy of the song. Not only was he moved to make the video but you can also see George and his band playing a version of the song a mere 2 days after first hearing it!

We hope you like the song and if you do and agree with the message, please feel free to share. It's from our new album 'Bloodlines' which will be out in November 2016.’






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