Recently we’ve seen a lot of other festivals pull the plug on their 2024 editions, taking a fallow year to ride out the huge price increases and we can totally see where they’re coming from. Beat-Herder is not immune and the truth of the matter is, with the costs that are now filtering through, running this year’s event in its usual form is not possible.

The savage economic realities have put us in a bit of a pickle. We could call a fallow year and come back swinging into 2025, it’s the risk-free option that’d allow us to sleep at night…

…but sleeping at night is not what we’re about! We started with free parties in the early noughties, began our own small festival in 2006 and have grown organically to the scale you now know. We’ve run events of all shapes and sizes, battled floods, fires and financial squeezes and there’s absolutely NO WAY we’re cancelling or postponing!

Picking up another award last week has allowed us to reflect on what we do best and what we enjoy most about festivalling; we’re going to make some changes!

We’re reducing the capacity, a bijou Beat-Herder, on a scale reminiscent of the early days. The advertised line-up will remain, and so will most of the venues. Tubes, tunnels, flames, flags, bubbles, bells and whistles will all be there. We won’t be cutting corners, we’ll be adding new ones and bringing you an intimate event with a thicker layer of Beat-Herder love spread right to the edges.

A smaller event means tickets are more limited and they will sell out in advance. So, if you haven’t already, get one bought and we’ll see you in July at Beat-Herder 2024!