Backbeat Soundsystem

“Made with movement in mind. Traditional reggae music slapped upside the head with a party stick. Stomping bass, dub synths & steady grooves.“

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Backbeat Soundsystem Previously Appeared At..

Festival Date Tickets
Lemonfest 2015 30th May, 2015 N/A
Leopallooza Festival 2014 1st - 3rd Aug 2014 N/A
Secret Garden Party 2013 25th - 28th Jul 2013 N/A
Beach Break Live 2013 21st June, 2013 N/A
Beach Break Live 2013 23rd June, 2013 N/A
Leopallooza Festival 2012 27th July, 2012 N/A
Lemonfest 2012 30th June, 2012 N/A

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