Andy Jones And The Norton Rockets

It seems cheeky to describe the still-youthful Mr Jones as a veteran of the Teesside music scene, but he’s certainly packed a lot into his amazing musical magpie career. Frontman with mod legends 1941, before a lengthy sojourn to Valencia and an amazing reinvention as a flamenco-drenched solo troubadour. And now he’s back as the frontman of a stomping beat combo… except – wait for it – he’s also the drummer! Expect thumping ELO-esque epic pop, soaring vocals and thoughtful, brilliant songwriting from this modest pop genius.

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  • Willowman 2012 Review
    Posted Tue 26th June 2012

    Willowman is one of those festivals that when you get to know about it you wonder why you didn’t hear about it before, it has just about everything your heart can desire in a small festival, but with a big heart.

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