Cornbury Festival set to return in 2018 Posted on Wed 11th October 2017

Change of heart caused by fans demands

Cornbury Festival set to return in 2018

2017 was set to be the final Cornbury Festival, indeed it was referred to as the Fabulous Finale, however festival organiser Hugh Phillimore has had a change of heart due to fans feedback.  Cornbury Festival will return to Great Tew Park from Friday 13th to Saturday 15th July2018.

Hugh Phillimore said:

‘So many people have sent messages since July - our audience love the event and want it to keep going. Literally hundreds of our supporters, together with bands, agents, managers, sponsors and media partners telling me I shouldn’t let such a jewel in the festival calendar end’ . ‘The festival market has become a tough playing field over the last few years and very saturated, which lead partly to my decision to leave whilst we were on a high, however the response has been so overwhelming with support for Cornbury to remain, that it has caused a rethink on my part and I can confirm that we have decided to listen to public opinion and return next year as strong as ever in July 2018, If people still want us here, in a way It would be foolish to stop now and 15 years does give us another great reason to celebrate!’

More details will follow shortly.

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Last modified on: Tue 17th October 2017

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