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The Great Escape 2015 Review...

Simply one of the best weekends you can spend anywhere as a music lover.

Overwhelming is an understatement, as every venue across the city (officially part of the festival or otherwise), crams live music through their doors. Even running between venues can yield secret street performances that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

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Bearded Theory 2015 Review...

“…Bearded Theory sets a benchmark for others to follow. It really is that good.”

In so many ways, Bearded Theory is the perfect festival; it offers some top flight artists, quality facilities and camping, some excellent non-music activities, plenty for the kids, and a wonderful festival vibe in a complete package that sent the 10,000 strong revellers home absolutely buzzing. But that’s not the half of it. It’s the sheer value of the Bearded Theory offering that continues to amaze this reviewer year upon year.

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Blissfields Festival 2015 Dates: 3rd - 4th Jul 2015 Buy Now
Lakefest 2015 Dates: 6th - 9th Aug 2015 Buy Now
Field Day 2015 Dates: 6th - 7th Jun 2015 Buy Now
Brownstock Festival 2015 Dates: 10th - 12th Jul 2015 Buy Now
The Beat Herder Festival 2015 Dates: 17th - 19th Jul 2015 Buy Now
Hevy Fest 2015 Dates: 13th - 15th Aug 2015 Buy Now
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Burton Agnes Jazz & Blues Festival End date: 2nd June 2015
Willowman Festival End date: 5th June 2015
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Accessibility news and information for festival goers as well as festival organisers. Find out what's being done to make festivals accessible to everyone!

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Dates: 7th - 9th Aug 2015
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